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About Us

Sheila Harper had a love for collecting vintage jewelry. A love that followed her as she grew up in Connecticut in the 1960s, a love that trumped any flame for British boy bands, a collection that grew as she raised her own family, playing Pretty Pretty Princess with her daughters in the 90s.

To Sheila, jewelry was fascinating. Opening her jewelry box was like her own private cabinet of curiosities, each piece with its own story which ultimately came together to say something more about the woman wearing them.

In 2009, a passion became a business when Harper opened her jewelry boutique, Ellie Bing.  The store was named after beloved family members, the store opened and began selling exclusively vintage jewelry. Since then, Ellie Bing has expanded their collection of jewelry to include fashion jewelry, trendy accessories clothing and more….

Sheila’s fascination remains true. A woman’s style is an amalgam of everything that has led her to where she is now: strength, passion, all she has accomplished and all she dreams of being, the undying courage to face challenges before her. Most importantly, she is undeniably herself.
Ellie Bing celebrates the uniqueness of you. With a diverse collection and one of a kind pieces, Ellie Bing remains true to its motto and a Jacksonville gem containing “a fabulous mix of vintage and fashion jewelry, accessories, clothing, chic decor, and more.”