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New Season. New Inspiration. New Look.



We all have roots, and from time to time we contemplate about who we are and where we came.

Ellie Bing has been thinking about our past, our present, and our future.

In the beginning, we were vintage jewelry in a tiny space off the beaten track. Expansion into a larger space and the introduction of unique fashion jewelry and accessories was the next step in our journey.

Finally, a larger space and the addition of clothing was added to complement the jewelry and accessories.

Still at the heart of the expansion is always what Ellie Bing can bring to our customers. That is unique, edgy, classic with a twist surrounded by vintage elegance.

Jewelry and accessories are at the root of who Ellie Bing has always been. Dress up or down with the perfect accent- like adding spice to a bland vegetable.

Clothing is the palette for fabulous accessories. What we have learned over the last few years is that unique and different is what our customers expect from us.

Black, white, denim and gray are the color commandos-they always win out.

Ellie Bing is excited to share that we will be focusing on limiting clothing options to curated pieces that complement the fabulously chic and unique jewelry and accessories that are the core of who Ellie Bing is!

Come on in and take a look at our new collection of unique pieces.

Home is Where the Heart is – Coordinate Jewelry

4 years of high school or college have come and gone. Now it’s time for you to venture out into the world, and conquer your goals — whatever those may be.

For some of us it’s going on to a few more years of school to further your education (get your bachelors degree, masters, or hey! maybe even your doctorates). Or maybe you are the type of person that wants to travel a little before going back to school. Whatever you may do, there’s always one thing that is certain. You will always have a place to call home.

Home is where your heart is, where you anchor yourself for stability and comfort, and where your friends and family live. As you leave home to do the things you want, you can always have a piece of home with you. How you might ask? Well, with one of our gold filled lat & lo necklaces coordinate necklaces you can ALWAYS have a piece of home with you. With the coordinates of the cities around Jacksonville on one side, and the city name engraved on the other, you will always have a piece of home with you. If you aren’t a fan of the horizontal coordinate bar necklace, we have a vertical coordinate bar necklace as well as the horizontal coordinate bracelet. #whereareyouanchored


Lat & Lo is at the Oscars!

The night many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived… the Oscars!!! Here at Ellie Bing, we all have a favorite. Even though he is not nominated, I know of a certain coworker who has eyes solely for George Clooney (you know who you are). Congrats to all of the nominees because regardless if you take an Oscar home or not, you are still a winner in my book. Seriously though, the Oscars swag bag aka “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” nominee bag for this year, is pretty swoon worthy. Valued at over $160,000.00,( we totally got in the wrong business 😉 … this years swag bag includes a trip to Italy, a years worth of Audi rentals, a psychic reading, amongst MANY other things, and oh I can’t forget to mention the most important… our very own LAT & LO is at the Oscars (yeah we were ahead of the trend Hollywood)!!! Congrats to Lat & Lo for having part in this awesome giveaway and a special belated shoutout for having an exclusive bracelet in this years Grammy bag given to each presenter and performer. For all of those who are not familiar with Lat & Lo, it is a line with the latitude and longitude coordinates engraved on necklaces and bracelets for any location. Whether it is where you got married or where your kids were born, Lat & Lo is the perfect gift, sentimental and stylish, you really can’t go wrong. So next time you’re in Jacksonville, make sure to stop by and get one as a souvenir to remember us by (which is way better than any key chain or post card any day).

blog oscars final

xoxo Melinda

Valentine’s Day Looks

Forever Alone February has arrived and all that means is that Single Awareness Day is right around the corner. If you are anything like me and a few others, then the Ecard below might relate to you. Take a minute and laugh with us at ourselves and the awkward Feb.14th predicament. I knew I was forgetting something! Now if you’re not spending V-Day like us and actually have someone who willingly spends their time with you, may I say you are very lucky…at least for one day. Hearts, xoxo’s, and “love” necklaces and bracelets are part of Ellie Bings favorite for this upcoming holiday. Layer or stack, show your love for love with these cute Valentine’s Day looks!
PicMonkey Collage

Personal fave alert…Fool for Love & Forget Me Not bangles! They are super cute and easy to throw on, and let’s face it, the whole stack screams girly and fun!

Check out our pinterest boards for some more gift inspirations!

VDay Blog VDay Blog 2

xoxo Melinda

Make Wise Investments

The first month of the new year is coming to an end. How have you been keeping up with your resolution?

I’ve come across many different resolutions from different customers & I have noticed that there is one that seems to be repetitive. Ironically it deals with finances, dare I say the word? Okay, I will. On a BUDGET. (The dreaded word that every business hears over and over). We get it! You just spent SO much money during the holidays buying gifts for everyone you know, going on the luxury vacation half way around the world. Now it’s January. Your credit card statements are rolling in, and you really SEE how much damage you have done. But you still want to shop, and when you do you see things that tempt you. Keep in mind that dreaded B word….Budget.

Ladies (and/or husbands), you may think you already have enough jewelry, clothes, perfume, shoes and what not to last you a life time, but lets be honest with ourselves here. Fashion Evolves! In a few short months the style will be different, different trends (and we know you have got to keep up with those), different seasons (better excuse to buy new clothes and sparkles, right?).

Well for all you ladies who love fashion on a budget, I have some advice from the wise, AKA, Me (Melinda, Mindy Sue, Mindy) but INVESTMENTS PIECES.

What is an investment piece you ask? Well let me tell you:

1. Durable (since we dont all treat our jewelry the way we should at times)
2. Versatile and Practical

One of my current obsessions is our new leather and pearl necklace. Here in Florida it can be year round staple to a floridians wardrobe. But for those of you who don’t live near a beach community, or have that bohemian style flare, thats okay, its PERFECT for spring and summer. Our leather pearl necklace is a practical piece, and it can be worn 3 different ways/lengths. This is the best INVESTMENT piece for me this year.

I am always on the search for a statement necklace, and our leather pearl necklace can be worn at 3 different lengths.

XOXO, Melinda

Ellie Bing – Top 10 USA Today

With Christmas just around the corner, we just wanted to remind you to keep Ellie Bing in mind.

Recently we were placed 3rd in Jacksonville for “USA Today’s Top 10 places for your Christmas Shopping”.


Congrats to all the other stores who made it. Not only are we great for holidays gifts, but keep us in mind all year long for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, and for all of the “I Love You” gifts we know that you are just dying to give to your significant other.

Happy Holidays to all…

happy holidays

October Blues

It seems that we are in a month,where the weather is having an identity crisis…”To be warm or cold, that is the question”? Here in Jacksonville, if you walk out at 8am it may be in the low 60’s, but by noon it is 78 degrees. As a girl, it makes life a little bit harder, but then again,layering becomes essential when it comes to fashion.

One of our fall/winter staples, are the evermore popular cashmere toppers. These toppers can be worn many different ways;from a poncho, off the shoulder, to a scarf.This is definitely an item to splurge on. Cashmere over a white collared shirt, can you say CHIC?

IMG_4418cblog topper2

Celebrate Fall with Ellie Bing Fall Favorites

October is here and for many of us (myself included), it is the best time of year. The leaves change colors and that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks that you’ve been craving for a year is finally at your fingertips.

Speaking of pumpkin lattes, let me introduce you to our amazing Heirloom Pumpkin candle. It is the “it” housewarming gift of the season and great to burn if you love fall as much as I do. Here at Ellie Bing, we are already celebrating fall with our lit pumpkin candle. Now if you may, grab your latte and join us in a toast…”To fall, when your hair and makeup stays in place, when you can easily throw on a scarf over a white-t and be socially presentable;basically thanks for making it easy for us to look chic and comfortable”.

candle1 candle3


Keep an eye out for other EB Fall Favorites coming soon…

The Circle of Life

 At time where stress levels are high, we strive to find something that can bring a semblance of balance to our lives. Sometimes it’s not the actual item but the story behind it. With Lokai bracelets, the story is what makes them so inspiring. Infused with water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea, Lokai is a simple representation of the cycle of life. The water infused ball is symbolic of the highest point of your life. The mud infused ball represents you at your lowest. They are on opposites sides of each other, but with this,it reminds you to stay humble when you are at your highest and stay hopeful when you are at your lowest. It might not seem like much, but anytime you feel low, look down at your wrist and find your balance.  These bracelets have been spotted all over and have inspired many, including celebs like Ashley Greene (seen below) and Zac Efron.

lokai Celeb lokai


Until next time

Tips on Becoming A Pro Buyer…

With another buying trip creeping up on us, we are readying our bags with our shopping essentials. Going to Atlanta always takes a toll on us but with certain items we always pull through.

Shoes are the most important thing when it comes to shopping. Comfort is the best way to go and with FitFlops, we can run circles around Atlanta Mart. Pair your FitFlops with a glass of 5 o’clock wine and take it easy because this will be your new routine for the next four days.

As you can see Julianne Moore and Kerri Russell are in total agreement, comfort can be stylish.

JM FF Cut keri-russellCut


Check back for more tips on how to become a buying survivalist..