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Celebrate Fall with Ellie Bing Fall Favorites

October is here and for many of us (myself included), it is the best time of year. The leaves change colors and that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks that you’ve been craving for a year is finally at your fingertips.

Speaking of pumpkin lattes, let me introduce you to our amazing Heirloom Pumpkin candle. It is the “it”¬†housewarming gift of the season and great to burn if you love fall as much as I do. Here at Ellie Bing, we are already celebrating fall with our lit pumpkin candle. Now if you may, grab your latte and join us in a toast…”To fall, when your hair and makeup stays in place, when you can easily throw on a scarf over a white-t and be socially presentable;basically thanks for making it easy for us to look chic and comfortable”.

candle1 candle3


Keep an eye out for other EB Fall Favorites coming soon…