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The Circle of Life

 At time where stress levels are high, we strive to find something that can bring a semblance of balance to our lives. Sometimes it’s not the actual item but the story behind it. With Lokai bracelets, the story is what makes them so inspiring. Infused with water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea, Lokai is a simple representation of the cycle of life. The water infused ball is symbolic of the highest point of your life. The mud infused ball represents you at your lowest. They are on opposites sides of each other, but with this,it reminds you to stay humble when you are at your highest and stay hopeful when you are at your lowest. It might not seem like much, but anytime you feel low, look down at your wrist and find your balance.  These bracelets have been spotted all over and have inspired many, including celebs like Ashley Greene (seen below) and Zac Efron.

lokai Celeb lokai


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