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It’s that time of year where Leo’s and Virgo’s make an appearance. The birthdays have begun and so has the hunt for birthday gifts. Here at Ellie Bing, we have all types of looks,styles,and price points to help you find an ideal gift option.

One of the many options is our LovelyB bracelets. A dynamic husband & wife duo created these lovely bracelets for just $20 in a variety of colors.These bracelets can be worn individually, in a stack, or mixed in with other bangles. The biggest pro for us, is not just the effortless style, it is the fact that the bracelet fits almost everyone, so no more worrying if it is too small for you or your friend. It was created to widen in the back in a sliding motion; no clasp and no trouble. Keep an eye out for these when you are on the hunt at Ellie Bing.

Remember to check back for more ideas on gifts.

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