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#EBLove :Liv-N-Grace


Now is the time to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Like and share the picture above, and enter to win these beautiful Liv-N-Grace bracelets. Ellie Bing appreciates your business and in return we will be giving 1 very lucky winner this lovely set. Liv-N-Grace is not only the perfect addition to your wardrobe, but it is also a great foundation that is very dear to us. This set is made locally to support the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation, a non profit organization that makes an impact on young peoples lives and helps them reach their full potential.

If you have already purchased a Liv-N-Grace bracelet, please share your pic and hashtag #makeadifference #elliebing.For more information, go to

“To make a difference in someone’s life, you do not have to be brilliant,rich,beautiful,or perfect…
You just have to care”. -Mandy Hale

Until next time.