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Lat & Lo is at the Oscars!

The night many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived… the Oscars!!! Here at Ellie Bing, we all have a favorite. Even though he is not nominated, I know of a certain coworker who has eyes solely for George Clooney (you know who you are). Congrats to all of the nominees because regardless if you take an Oscar home or not, you are still a winner in my book. Seriously though, the Oscars swag bag aka “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” nominee bag for this year, is pretty swoon worthy. Valued at over $160,000.00,( we totally got in the wrong business 😉 … this years swag bag includes a trip to Italy, a years worth of Audi rentals, a psychic reading, amongst MANY other things, and oh I can’t forget to mention the most important… our very own LAT & LO is at the Oscars (yeah we were ahead of the trend Hollywood)!!! Congrats to Lat & Lo for having part in this awesome giveaway and a special belated shoutout for having an exclusive bracelet in this years Grammy bag given to each presenter and performer. For all of those who are not familiar with Lat & Lo, it is a line with the latitude and longitude coordinates engraved on necklaces and bracelets for any location. Whether it is where you got married or where your kids were born, Lat & Lo is the perfect gift, sentimental and stylish, you really can’t go wrong. So next time you’re in Jacksonville, make sure to stop by and get one as a souvenir to remember us by (which is way better than any key chain or post card any day).

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xoxo Melinda