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Make Wise Investments

The first month of the new year is coming to an end. How have you been keeping up with your resolution?

I’ve come across many different resolutions from different customers & I have noticed that there is one that seems to be repetitive. Ironically it deals with finances, dare I say the word? Okay, I will. On a BUDGET. (The dreaded word that every business hears over and over). We get it! You just spent SO much money during the holidays buying gifts for everyone you know, going on the luxury vacation half way around the world. Now it’s January. Your credit card statements are rolling in, and you really SEE how much damage you have done. But you still want to shop, and when you do you see things that tempt you. Keep in mind that dreaded B word….Budget.

Ladies (and/or husbands), you may think you already have enough jewelry, clothes, perfume, shoes and what not to last you a life time, but lets be honest with ourselves here. Fashion Evolves! In a few short months the style will be different, different trends (and we know you have got to keep up with those), different seasons (better excuse to buy new clothes and sparkles, right?).

Well for all you ladies who love fashion on a budget, I have some advice from the wise, AKA, Me (Melinda, Mindy Sue, Mindy) but INVESTMENTS PIECES.

What is an investment piece you ask? Well let me tell you:

1. Durable (since we dont all treat our jewelry the way we should at times)
2. Versatile and Practical

One of my current obsessions is our new leather and pearl necklace. Here in Florida it can be year round staple to a floridians wardrobe. But for those of you who don’t live near a beach community, or have that bohemian style flare, thats okay, its PERFECT for spring and summer. Our leather pearl necklace is a practical piece, and it can be worn 3 different ways/lengths. This is the best INVESTMENT piece for me this year.

I am always on the search for a statement necklace, and our leather pearl necklace can be worn at 3 different lengths.

XOXO, Melinda